appropriation, copy, reinterpretation, plagiary, remix, reproduction

accumulation, archive, wunderkammer, database, cabinet of curiosities, encyclopedia

disclosure, reprint, multiplication, republishing, replication, fac-simile

destruction, deletion, burning, damage, programmed obsolescence, hidden


Opening Fold, by Italian artist Alberto Cuteri, calls into question the concept of online and offline as a parody of the idea of public and private sphere. In order to experience the work hosted on the online exhibition the viewer has to paradoxically download it on a computer. Inside the compressed file — in a file universe conceived by the artist — multiple artworks are collected, focusing on different aspects of the connection between user and network and all its possible contradictions. For instance, Internet Diary contains a collection of web pages saved as PDFs; while Mix contains a series of artist’s interventions on PDF web pages. Overprints is a series of web pages printed one on top of each other on the same sheet of paper, and Thumbnail Cache is a vast collection of images unexpectedly retrieved by the artist on his laptop. As a “cyberflâneur”, Cuteri claims for his own piece of network-land where to upload his digital wunderkammer, but access to this collection is granted only after a subsequent download. The way users retrieve any information, or artwork, from the downloaded folder resembles more an Internet dérive than a conscious method to browse folders and drives.

Born in Catania, where he currently lives and works, Alberto Cuteri after a short course of studies in Law, attends the School of Architecture at the University of Catania and based in Ortigia. He works with some friends in a cultural space, Ritmo, that proposes the spreading of some language of interest in the contemporary artistic field, by hosting local and foreign artists and supporting them during the preparation and realization phases of their projects. After having approached Internet-related online and offline practices, he took part in 2016 to the event Internet Yami-Ichi at Tate Modern in London with the pseudonym of Mr.Nowhere.


Opening Fold
Updated to October 3, 2017