appropriation, copy, reinterpretation, plagiary, remix, reproduction

accumulation, archive, wunderkammer, database, cabinet of curiosities, encyclopedia

disclosure, reprint, multiplication, republishing, replication, fac-simile

destruction, deletion, burning, damage, programmed obsolescence, hidden


Hybrid Architecture images are morphological reflections of contemporary urban milieus, whose inputs, defined as “socio–cultural entities”A, come from both the architectural practice and the art history. Taking into account assorted and peculiar references, from Futurism and Suprematism to Action Painting and more recently Julie Mehretu’s large–scale abstract architectures, Matsumoto acts as an alchemical catalyst able to give shape to chaotic, yet perceivably ordered, compositions. The abstract imagery is a result of an hybrid technique between analog tools (ink, acrylic, graphite) and digital media (3d parametric modeling, algorithmic processing, compositional custom softwares). The layering of multiple perspectives, together with the sibylline titling, contribute to convey a strange feeling of votive awe towards these manifold image–divinities.

A Matsumoto, Ryota (2016). http​:​//​www.​ryotamatsumoto.​com/​p/​about​.html

Artworks' captions

1The Biometric Ephemera of Positronic Variation within Transient Bound, Mixed Media, 80cmx100cm, 2016

2Imaginary Echo Chamber, Mixed Media,  68cmx74cm, 2016

3Rapid Gaze Polynomials Embedded in Infinite Variables, Mixed Media, 64cmx70cm, 2016

4Swirling Effects and Their Wayside Phenomena, Mixed Media, 67cmx72cm, 2016

5the Chronology of Imaginary Scrolls, Mixed Media, 67cmx89cm, 2015

6Quantized Crackles of Emotional Scales, Mixed Media,62cmx96cm, 2015
7the Reverberant Ambience of Interpretative Codes for an Ancient Artifact, Mixed Media, 68cmx93cm, 2015

8the Solar Flares for Transient Modulation, Mixed Media, 83cmx59cm, 2015

9the Indistinct Notion of an Object Trajectory, Mixed Media, 75cmx56cm, 2014

10the High Overdrive and Its Undefinable Consequence, Mixed Media, 79cmx119cm, 2014

11Hollow Ghosts for Those Restless Spirits, Mixed Media, 77cmx119cm, 2014
12Those Who Affirm the Spontaneity of Every Event, Mixed Media, 84cmx119cm, 2014

Ryota Matsumoto is an artist, designer and urban planner, and principal of the award–winning interdisciplinary design office, Ryota Matsumoto Studio. Born in Tokyo, Ryota was raised in Hong Kong and Japan. He received a Master of Architecture degree from University of Pennsylvania in 2007 after studying at Architectural Association in London and Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art in early 90’s. His art and design work are featured in numerous publications and exhibitions internationally. His current interest gravitates around the embodiment of cultural possibilities in art, architecture, and urban topography.